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Creating a Mobile Website

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Anywhere from 8-12% of your website visitors are now viewing it on a mobile device such as a iPhone, Smartphone, iPad or other mobile device. There's no need to purchase .mobi extensions to have a mobile friendly website. You simply need a website that detects what kind of a device is viewing it and it is even better if your website can detect the screen resolution and adjust the website that the viewer is seeing automatically!

Whether your visitors are looking at your website on a 50" flat panel television or a small-screen iPhone, you want them to be able to see your products and services to prompt doing business with you and AppNet's team of custom designers can make that an easy reality.

We can build a simple, 2-3 page mobile friendly website or we can redesign your entire website so that it is ready for today's cross-device viewing. New web design techniques allow for the creation of a website that can be easily displayed across all browsers and all devices and platforms.

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