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We Take "THE TRUST FACTOR" Out of SEO Strategies

Here's a scenario that we deal with all the time:

"Hi. We have a website that over the last two years we've paid three different designers and 'seo experts' more than $5000 to get us ranked to no avail. We were also advised to pay for an Adwords campaign and we did that as well and we've seen no real results. We're still not found for any competitive search terms that we need to be found for. We've been told that our website is great and that we have awesome products but we just can't seem to get ranked on Google. What gives?"

Not all websites are created equal and there is no perfect answer to search engine ranking. We see questions like the one above nearly every day. Most design and search engine ranking firms tend to "throw a one solution fits all blanket" over every website and that is why they fail.

Some websites only need a small amount of Search Engine Optimization and content edits and they will produce amazing results. In some very competitive markets and industries - you will need a much more robust website and strong SEO strategies to outrank your competition. In still other markets and industries you will NEVER gain top rankings for terms that are important to your website's success without a careful plan of action and budget to insure that success.

AppNet ranks in the TOP TWO nationally for "Top Ten Search Engine Ranking". Why not trust your search engine ranking to a firm with a 17+ year track record of success?

So many web design and SEO firms want to lock you in to long-term, search engine ranking strategies without first proving that they can actually improve your website's rankings. Also, in MANY, MANY cases these days, there is no real NEED to perform search engine optimization on your website on a monthly basis. Many web designers KNOW THIS and yet still charge clients while not performing any real work on a monthly or regular basis.

Many of our clients have come to us AFTER spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars monthly with no real benefit to their website. We think that the BEST approach to SEO is to FIRST determine where a website IS and ISN'T ranked for valuable search terms.

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The second step is to determine if your website has the necessary design elements that would gain those rankings. There is NO SUCH THING as improving search engine ranking by simply coding a page or pages with a lot of keywords. It doesn't work that way.

Google, Yahoo and Bing have always rewarded good, logically designed and written web pages with the rankings that they deserve. If your website has the best content related to your industry, then you'll get the rankings you want. If your competitor has a (1000) page website and covers every aspect of a specific industry rather well - THEN you are not going to be able to meet or beat them for rankings, traffic and leads with a 20-30 page website.

Finally, after determining your website's current status and what is missing to gain the valuable rankings you want, we then determine the best, most affordable approach to win those rankings. Like anything else in promoting your business:

There are ways to dominate the search engines quickly.

There are ways to build SEO over time (on a monthly budget).

There are ways to improve your rankings and traffic yourself. (We can teach you how to do this.)

Some clients prefer the "one-time" approach; some are on more of a budget or they have the desire to approach SEO monthly or on some regular basis where they can monitor the progress. Also some of our clients are very small businesses who are in SUCH a competitive industry that they feel that they can't really AFFORD to compete with much larger corporations. In those cases, since they can't "out spend" their competition, we work with those clients to education them AND provide them the tools to "out work" their competition and still produce really strong results.

"TRUST" is NOT something that you want as a factor when it comes to this all-important ingredient to your website's success. It is GREAT to be able to trust your web design or search engine marketing company, however you should ALWAYS be able to "see for yourself" just how effective your search engine campaign is working.

To that end, there are so many great tools that can now not only track your website's productivity - they can also compare those results to your competition AND provide us with great insight as to what we (or you) should do to improve your website further and on an ongoing basis. We place Google Analytics on all of our client's websites; however we also track all of our client's websites within numerous other tools such that we can easily advise our clients in a way that we can recommend how to further increase your rankings.

Rankings = Traffic and Traffic = More Business

Appnet can perform some basic SEO strategies on most any website for as little as $500 that WILL provide some benefit and/or boost to your website's rankings. Depending on the size and scope of your current website - there is additional work that can be performed that will guarantee search engine ranking and traffic for years to come...AND at as little as $10 per page.

We know that MANY who visit our website are confused or at somewhat of a loss to know how to choose the best search engine ranking company. We put together a very short video that we think will simplify things and help to take some of the guesswork out of knowing who to trust with THE MOST IMPORTANT task of designing and promoting your website. We invite you to watch, "Search Engine Ranking".

Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE on what it would take to optimize your website today! We can typically provide a firm estimate within minutes.

We have a 17+ year, proven track record that shows that we know a lot about gaining top rankings for all of our clients and we can accomplish this all-important task for your company website as well.

There are basically only a few strategies that work when it comes to gaining top rankings. Google and all of the search engines reward content. The websites that best address their product and coverage areas with the most pages and the most informative content will gain the best rankings. Certainly there are other factors such as gaining strong inbound links from websites that are related to your industry. We have a team of experts that will help you by creating the content pages and the best inbound links to gain top rankings.

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