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Webcams, live cameras, web cameras - whatever the name, Appnet can handle it!

While our primary business is that of building and promoting websites, we have been called on in increasing numbers to install and implement live webcams all across the United States. We have installed them in locations such as Truckee, California (which promotes themselves as the snow capital of the United States).

We now operate TWO hugely well visited webcam network sites in North and South Carolina. They are: which receives as many as 14,000 unique visitors every single day and our newest cam network website called which will promote live cameras in the Lowcountry areas at the beaches, lakes and locations around the coastal regions of South Carolina.

We own many of the cameras that are displayed on our website and we also have formed some very progressive partnerships with business owners who wish to market strong, additional traffic to their business websites.  These synergies work to create some incredible traffic to our camera partners and we'd be happy to discuss those partnerships if you're interested.


You can Google "pan, tilt and zoom, outdoor, weatherproof, network cams" and you'll find pricing on various systems that range from around $2000 to $5000.  We have purchased and implemented a wide variety of these systems and while most (not all) offer pretty good quality images, we have found a custom solution that works to provide the best TOURISM camera quality and image (speed) delivery.

Since our camera image delivery is based on the need for the highest resolution possible, we tend to stick with one of two different camera manufacturers (Panasonic or Canon). We fit those systems into an outdoor enclosure that depending on the location can range from marine quality (for salt water/near ocean environmental applications) to enclosures that will handle extremely hot and/or cold climates such as on top of mountain peaks or in climates where temperatures can exceed 100°.

Wee include heaters and blowers within these systems and these are fully, self-contained systems that need NO COMPUTERS to operate.

Unlike many companies that sell camera systems, we want to be fully transparent in our pricing. There are basically two options that we offer:

Camera System Purchase Only: Price is for equipment, configuration and coding to accomplish your desired application. We will ship the camera at standard rates and all you'll have to do is plug it and connect it to your DSL or CABLE connectivity.

We will be happy to provide phone support wherein we can walk you through the connectivity and have your webcam working for you typically in less than 20 minutes. If you wish, depending on the location, we can deliver and install the camera for you. Pricing varies based on mileage and camera location/installation difficulty. Call for pricing.

Note: Most camera sales companies will sell you the equipment for a price only slightly below our fee and they will not configure them for your internet connection nor offer any real support.
Camera System Purchase and Marketing (Traffic driving) Partnership: We will fully configure the camera system and ship it to you as above and then HOST the live camera image at NO COST to you. We will create the script for you to get the camera image on your own website and then create a marketing page on either or (depending on camera location) and add a static advertisement that will run for the life of the camera at no charge. This is where the traffic driving will come from.

These synergies have produced incredible marketing value to every single business that has entered into these partnerships. We will send your company website more productive traffic than you'll see from ANY other kind of marketing promotion that you've attempted.

As with the first option we can discuss phone support and/or camera installation pricing if necessary.

We have engineered an affordable outdoor camera system that offers a pan, tilt and zoom camera, live on the net viewing, with heated outdoor enclosure to keep the cold and rain from prohibiting views...complete with our expert configuration to work with your DSL or CABLE internet connection.

Panasonic PTZ Cam:

  • 21x optical zoom or higher
  • 380,000 pixel CCD image sensor or better
  • High speed Pan/Tilt operation
  • Viewing Images from the Network Camera on TV
  • Multi-Camera Screen
  • A wealth of Network Camera control functions
  • External I/O
  • "Transfer in the Alarm mode"
  • "Transfer in the Timer mode"
  • compatible "NEW"
  • (FREE DDNS Service)
  • Viewing still images on your mobile phone "NEW"
  • Remote Pan/Tilt - High speed Pan/Tilt operation can move the lens horizontally from -175° to +175° and vertically from -120° to 0°
  • 42x Zooming (21x Optical Zoom, 2x Digital Zoom) and Automatic and Manual Focusing
  • Preset Positioning and Home Positioning features to memorize camera positions
  • Color Night View enables the Network Camera to display color images of objects even at a dark place
  • Multi-Client Access allows up to 30 users to view Motion JPEG image simultaneously

NOTE: We recommend configuring for UNLIMITED VIEWING through FTP.

Extreme Cold Climate Enclosure System

We configured the Panasonic Cam into a VideoAlarm or Dotworkz Outdoor Enclosure.

The Ring of Fire™ system is designed for camera operation in cold environments below 20°F or where ice and snow commonly collect. The system includes a thermostatically controlled dome interior and our de-icing/defrosting circuit. Application packages are available to below 45°F. Designed to promote camera life and reduce cold weather maintenance. Perfect for cell towers, ski areas, and other northern locales. Custom temperatures and voltages are available.


  • Industrial grade 360º radiant heater unit
  • Can be customized to work with most outdoor dome units
  • Eliminates ice build-up with thermostatically controlled de-icing cycles
  • Works with most camera systems
  • Power supplies compatible with Dotworkz "Powered Dome" Enclosure
  • Ideal for environments less than 20ºF or where ice and snow are prevalent


  • Preset internal temperature of 45-65°F. Custom operating temperatures available
  • Thermal heating ring, provides 360º of radiant heating to the dome interior
  • Twin high volume fans, for constant air equalization
  • Integrated power supply for camera, wireless hardware and alarm receivers
  • Customized voltages include: 12VDC, 24 VAC/DC, and 100-260VAC. (nominal 75 Watt consumption)

The PTZ Quality offers 350 degrees of rotation and 175 degrees of tilt viewing.

Call and ask for Mike at 828-963-7286 or email us at for more information or to order.


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