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What is a Brochure Website ?

A Brochure Website does not necessarily mean a "small website". In fact there are many of what we would call "brochure websites" on the internet that might be as many as 500 pages of content. For example, if an architect wanted to display all of his house plans on a website, it is possible to create a HOME PAGE, ABOUT US, SERVICES, CONTACT US and perhaps 400 floor plans and that would constitute a 404 page website. However it would basically be an online "brochure" that simply showed his house plans.

A Brochure Website is any website that is designed to show your company's services or products without any search engine rankings.

About the only traffic that ever visits a "brochure website" comes from other sources such as other advertising wherein you send people to your site from other medias - like advertising, links from Chamber websites, business cards with your address on it etc. (If you want to know why this is the here.)

Brochure Websites Can Cost as Little as $700.00!

If you are not concerned with search engine rankings then pricing your website is very simple and straightforward. For example: If you think all you need is a four page website then we could create a gorgeous first page and the subsequent three pages for around $800.

We basically charge $500 to come up with the initial look, feel, flow and navigation and then code it to at least be found for your business name and the we charge anywhere from $50-$150 for the other three pages. Hence the estimate of around $800.

If you want some special programming to run on the site, we'd have to discuss what functionality you wish and we could easily quote you. Click on the "sticky note" to the right and tell us what you need based on the ideas that we've provided here.

If you're now thinking that you might want a small website, but one that DOES rank well for search engine terms vital to your business and location, then click on the "Ranked Website" link to see an idea on pricing - or call us at 828.963.7286, use our Chat Support, or click on the "Free Quote" icon above.

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What creates top rankings?

Simply put - competition in your industry and where you are located is what creates the need for more content in order to gain top rankings.

AppNet can custom build a website for ANY industry, ANYWHERE in the World for under a $1000! If you're blessed to be in an industry or location where you have NO competition, then a simple, brochure website that might only cost you $700 might just rank at the top of Google for search terms important to you.

On the other hand, if your business is located anywhere where you have competition - whether physically where you're located or on Google searches - then that small, brochure website simply can not compete for top rankings.

For example:

If you were in the real estate business in "nowhere, United States" then a three-to-four page website would be all you need to show up on the first page of Google. On the other hand, if your real estate firm is located in a busy region such as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa or some other large area, then you'll need a much larger website.

The top ranked real estate, builder, vacation rentals, jewelry or other industry websites in competitive areas are probably 300-1500 page websites.

The only way to gain first page rankings to to find a way to create as much content as the competition's website.

There are numerous ways to achieve this goal and we can work with you to meet your goals and gain a well-ranked, productive website. However don't make the mistake of spending good money on small websites that have NO chance to gain top rankings and traffic, unless you understand going in - that you will be sending the only real traffic going to your website from other means.

It's really that simple. We are very good at discussing the goals for your business and website in terms that are logical. We do not do "tech-speak". We can quickly and easily advise you about what will be needed for you to gain the kind of visitor-traffic that you want and need on your website. We can discuss options and ideas to meet those goals within your budget.

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