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Web Hosting as low as $15 including Live Stats.

Nowadays you can get website hosting for as little as $8 a month and yet there are still companies charging $50-$200 a month for hosting and hidden "maintenance fees".

We have FOUR basic hosting plans, however we are flexible enough to customize our hosting campaigns to best fit your web hosting needs.

Hosting starts at $15 monthly and that INCLUDED Live Stats through Google Analytics. We will setup the stats package to track every page of your website, including where your traffic is coming from, what search terms your visitors are finding you with, etc.

Basic Hosting: $15 monthly

(Good for small businesses or personal websites.)

Our basic hosting also includes hosting 1-2 dedicated email addresses that are accessible via any email program or via the web. Click here to see more about our email SPAM filtering!

Corporate Hosting: $25 monthly

(Good for medium sized businesses.)

Our corporate hosting packages are a great fit for real estate offices, law offices and small to medium sized business that will need from 5-8 dedicated email accounts. Our email SPAM filtering is second to none. Mid sized businesses tend to use more emails with larger attachments. These kinds of files tend to burn bandwidth and therefore would incur a slightly higher monthly hosting fee.

Platinum Hosting: $25 monthly + $2 per additional email account

(Good for medium to large sized businesses.)

Our Platinum Hosting is perfect for large offices or businesses where you will need email hosting for all of your employees. Our POP and iMAP email can be accessed by all devices and email software programs as well as iPhones, web browsers and email software programs. Additional email accounts are simply charged per month as needed. If you have a need for 20-50 email address accounts we will discount larger quantities.

Customized Web Hosting: Call to discuss

Some businesses need customized hosting plans that can include anything from simple web hosting that might also include a nightly download of raw data feeds for Realtors that use the MLS. Some businesses need Exchange hosting as well as data shares for Vacation Rental Management booking engines. If your business has custom needs, we can custom design your hosting package to provide you with the most efficient web, email and data hosting. Call us today to discuss your options and needs. Call 828.963.7286.


Spam has been a growing problem for years, however in just the last several months SPAM has elevated to epic proportions such that most dedicated email accounts for businesses like yours are INUNDATED with SPAM emails. Email and web form hacking has increased to a level that it now taking valuable time to prevent. Business owners are finding that they are spending way too much time deleting SPAM.

We have the remedy! Our web hosting packages include the country's best SPAM filtering solution. Simply put, if you choose AppNet to hosting your domain based email accounts - you simply will get MUCH less SPAM...period.

Google hosted email is probably the BEST email host solution, however they charge $5 per month, per email account. If you run a business with the need for 20 email accounts, that can get expensive. Our email hosting is VERY much on par with Google email hosting in that you won't get SPAM, you will have many of the same email options per web browsers, etc and yet we offer email hosting for a little as $1.00 per account, per month.*

* Our hosting packages include a set number of email accounts for FREE and then additional email accounts are charged at the following rate:

9-15 added email accounts: $2 per email address, per month

16 added email accounts and up: $1 per email address, per month

More Information

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at 888.926.4584 or 828.963.7286.

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