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A Little About Us (and why you want AppNet as a marketing partner)

Ask yourself this question: Are you looking to hire a "computer expert", a "techie" or "someone who knows the internet"? Or are you REALLY looking for a savvy, marketing partner who can help make your business more successful?

AppNet was founded in 1996 with roots in marketing and advertising since 1974. We've made it our mission to make certain that every penny that a business owner pays us is well spent and pays dividends. Most web designers and web design firms simply build websites. Most SAY that they are "experts" at Search Engine Optimization while AppNet has PROOF of that. We have thousands of website clients whose websites all rank at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for their business expertise and areas of coverage.

AppNet ranks in THE TOP THREE in all of North America for "Top Ten Search Engine Ranking" and we can accomplish this feat for your website as well! We practice NATURAL, or ORGANIC (non paid for) RANKINGS and we work with our clients as a marketing partner to advise them on what is needed to gain strong rankings that guarantee traffic, leads and sales.

We urge you to simply fill in our FREE QUOTE / NO HASSLE request form (or call us TOLL FREE at 888.926.4584) and take a moment to tell us what you're looking for in a website and we'll speak with you in layman's terms and advise you in what you should expect to make your website a success.

Many potential clients come to us with great ideas but unrealistic expectations in terms of what it takes to actually gain top rankings and a productive, profitable website that meets or beats the competition. Our staff will listen to your goals, wish lists and ideas...and then look at competitor websites and discuss an honest strategy that will work for you. If that strategy fits your budget goals, great! If not, we can discuss a strategy to get you started in the right direction and grow your website in stages.

We are comfortable with and willing to discuss your website goals and needs EVEN IF WE DON'T GAIN YOUR BUSINESS. So again, we urge you to call or fill in our FREE QUOTE REQUEST FORM and let us discuss your website campaign.

Talk is Cheap! We can PROVE we can Help you!

Many web design firms CLAIM that they are good at ranking websites. We have thousands of website clients that ALL have strong, productive, traffic-producing rankings. Furthermore, search Google for the following search terms and look where WE rank!

Top Ten Search Engine Placement - Number Two on Google

Affordable Search Engine Placement - Number One on Google

Top 10 Search Engine Ranking - Number Two on Google

Affordable Search Engine Ranking - Number One on Google

Top Ten Search Engine Ranking - Number Two on Google

No other company can make those claims and in addition to that we rank in the top five on Google, Yahoo and Bing for California Web Design, North Carolina Web Design, Georgia Web Design, Montana Web Design and dozens of additional states. Trust your important search engine optimization and web development to a company with a proven track record and one who can SHOW you and not just TELL you that they are good at it.

Our management staff and marketing consultants have the expertise and experience to provide exceptional web consulting services that will translate into a successful website. Our customer service and support staff are friendly, patient and knowledgeable to handle anything that might come up to get you the answers that you need efficiently. When you need us to handle website edits or additions, they are handled most often on the same day that you request them. We also provide ongoing training so that our clients can use our Content Management Systems to add, edit and delete content efficiently and with good search engine ranking practices.

We are here to meet the needs of all of our clients, while providing affordable pricing. Our clients are our best "sales people". We are proud to receive client referrals regularly. All of our clients enjoy strong Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings! Click here to read some client testimonials.

We Support What we Sell!

Probably the one thing that brings us more new business than about anything else that we do is our own Customer Service and Support. Getting the edits and changes that you need handled in a timely manner is crucial and our award-winning support and design team is fast & efficient in delivering the work that you need done, most often on the same day that you request it!

Customer Support

We've also custom programmed many CMS (Content Management System) modules that allow you to add, edit and delete whatever content you desire to control on your website. However, when and if you need us, we're always available from 8am-4pm EST, Monday through Friday. You'll rarely ever reach a Voice Mail, almost always getting a cordial and helpful "voice" to assist you.

We invite you to call Toll Free at 1.888.926.4584 to learn more about how our team can help you with all of your web based needs.

More Information

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at 888.926.4584 or 828.963.7286.

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