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Our team of professional web designers specialize in NC Web Designs. North Carolina offers an amazing diversity in business from the high commerce of Charlotte, NC, to the coastal areas of Emerald Isle and Wilmington to the mountains of Asheville as well as Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham, High Point, Greenville, and Greensboro.

Responsive web design has quickly become the industry standard. Websites with adaptable fluid design have become the norm. Given the massive increase in mobile internet-connected devices such as smart phones and tablets, the need for a website to look good on a wide range of different devices has become a top priority. A great-looking responsive website leads to higher conversions, higher click-through rates, and a greater likelihood that a visitor will accomplish the goal of your website!

NC Web Design & Search Marketing Specialists

Our professional North Carolina web design staff includes three specialists proficient in SEO, search engine optimization (Google Optimization), and we work hard to insure top search engine rankings for all of our clients. Top ten search engine ranking is vital to a website – making it what can be the most productive part of your business marketing.

Search Google for North Carolina Web Design and you will find thousands of Charlotte Web Design companies as well as hundreds of thousands of designers in NC. So how do you know who to trust?

North Carolina SEO Experts

Experience Counts and our staff of North Carolina Web Designers and Search Engine Experts has a combined 85 years of experience within the marketing and design industry and we can put that experience to work for you!

Spend 15 minutes speaking with us and we GUARANTEE you will agree that we can make a productive difference in your web design and marketing. Instead of TELLING people what we can do, we will SHOW you within the first 15 minutes that we are different; we are professional and we are productive.

For more than seventeen years, we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. If you are serious about your web success, we can get you there.

Strategic thinking, top designers, competitive prices, and results – discover the difference. You will find a wealth of information on these pages and we welcome your call or contact. We will discuss options in very basic terms. It’s simple. You do not have to be “internet savvy” to communicate your desires to us.

We invite you to call us, use our quick Online Contact Request Form, email us, or call our Toll Free VOICE MAIL and leave a message. We promise to only answer you with the facts that you need to get you where you want to be. No pressure, no sales pitch.

North Carolina Website Design

If you are a NC business owner I would like to appeal to you to read this page of considerations that will prove helpful in making a good business decision as to which company should handle your web design and internet marketing. If you think you know what you are looking for and simply want to “compare rates” — feel free to CLICK HERE and skip this page. However, the few minutes of your valuable time that it will take to look over this information may SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and SAVE YOU A LOT OF WASTED TIME.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Like you, I am a business owner. When it comes time for me to choose a provider of services, most often I don’t have a lot of time and I attempt to choose a company that will give me “The Most Bang For My Buck.” In many types of business that will prove successful. However, the internet web design business has proven to be one that is like no other. Consider this for a second.

I’ll bet you that YOU know someone that you consider to be a “computer guru”…someone who “knows everything about this stuff”. I’ll bet that person can design you a website and may even do it for FREE. Heck my own thirteen year old daughter can design a web page and my 74 year old father operates a HUGE 100+ page website of his own. This stuff isn’t rocket science. In fact, just about every school-aged child is now getting some education on how to create PowerPoint and HTML web pages. THAT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM.

The market is flooded with people who “know how” to build a web page, but who have no idea of what makes for a successful website. There are many people who know HOW to use PhotoShop, Illustrator or DreamWeaver…but they lack the artistic and business acumen to make YOUR website productive.

“Just because I know how to use a hammer, doesn’t mean that I can build a house!”

I’ll never forget when twelve years ago we made our first contact with a business about building our first website. The lady I spoke with told me, “I have spoken with a couple of people who told me that they could build me a website so that when people did a search for ‘widgets’ my website would come up.”

Obviously it doesn’t work that way. The computer industry is flooded with people with the know-how, but not the knowledge. Another horror story related to me was one in which simply because a business owner had no clue about computers…he was taken advantage of by an unscrupulous “computer expert” who routinely charged him $200 to keep his computer running in tip top shape. I happened to be talking with this gentleman a few months into this “valuable service” and came to find out that all the tech was doing was deleting his TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES. That’s something that you can do for yourself in FIVE MINUTES!

In our twelve years of building websites we have heard it all; however an all too familiar story is one in which business owners mistakenly “allowed” a friend or novice to build their website…only to find out that the website just didn’t “go anywhere”. There are many people who will build your website at HALF what others may charge. However, ask yourself this question:

Am I willing to pay “X Dollars” for a website that simply never gets the traffic and production that I want? … or should I be looking for companies with proven results, and possibly pay a slightly higher rate but get a website that literally pays for itself within a couple of months?

I can give you examples of people who paid $500 to three different “designers” and never got any productivity out of their websites. Their last website cost them $800 and now they are selling their wares successfully on the internet. They WASTED $500 three times before spending only $300 more with the right company. They BLEW $1500 to save $300.

I can also relate numerous examples of people who paid other firms considerably more than we would have charged them and STILL their websites didn’t work.

We’ve been in the advertising and marketing business since 1974 and we began exclusively doing web design and search engine marketing in 1996.


  1. You need a DOMAIN NAME. This is your web address (www.whatever.com). We recommend that you have us (or the web design company of your choice) register your name for you. Yes, you can do it…but we can SAVE YOU MONEY and handle the DNS (technical) setup to “point the name” to whatever website we design for you. Additionally, too many people FORGET about this once a year invoice and can potentially lose their name. Having us handle it makes sense – we will register it in your name and set it up on our servers.
  2. Someone must build your site.
  3. Hosting. Someone must host your domain name and data to display the website so that whoever types in your address or finds your link in the search engines will see the website.
  4. Search Engine Optimization. We will code and submit your site to all of the search engines. We provide this service FREE with all of our design and hosting options. Click here to see more information on this important issue.

Spend 15 minutes speaking with us and we GUARANTEE you will agree that we can make a productive difference in your internet marketing.