As a small business owner, have you discovered that the advertising company you found in the local phone book didn’t really give you a very good result for your advertising dollar? Was the ad campaign they developed for you mediocre at best, and have you seen very little difference in your ROI (return on investment)? Well that’s because a lot of advertising companies don’t make the best use of the latest technology in their marketing strategies. They aren’t really exploiting the power of the Internet to promote your products and services. And they are often very expensive.

Internet advertising doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective. Our professionals at Spotya have developed a simple, low-cost Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Internet advertising campaign that is guaranteed to work. You’ll pay only when potential customers enter your website. And you’ll watch as more and more of them become clients because the first thing they see is a dynamic landing page crafted to reflect the exact search terms they used to find you!

Leave the Work to Us For Fast Results

When a prospective customer clicks on your site, calls your 800 number, or e-mails you, our platform tracks the contact. When your live representatives speak to your callers and respond to their queries, we record the conversations. That way we can give you details about the number of visitors and their queries in our daily report to you. And you can monitor how effective your sales people are. We’ll help you reach more of your target customers by tailoring the campaign to suit them. Our strategies will help you increase your customer base and your ROI by continually making adjustments to keywords and ad copy.

The ads we write for your campaign are guaranteed to make the difference! Click here to learn about our system, which uses state-of the art technology to create individualized landing pages that convert visitors to clients.

And we’ll do all the paperwork involved with the campaign. We have an in-depth knowledge of search engine methodologies and we’ll make sure you get your name and website address in all the Yellow Pages sites. The program seamlessly leverages every available aspect of online advertising to bring in more revenues for your business.

Here’s How To Get Started

By using our online advertising programs, you won’t even need to have your own website. We can set up a single web page and maintain it for you. It’s a great way to get started without spending a lot of money. It works well and is a great advantage for start-up or smaller businesses. Or we’ll create a full-blown web site if that’s the best way to go.

At every stage of your advertising campaign, you’ll get comprehensive reports, and you’ll have access to all the recorded calls and e-mails, thanks to our breakthrough technology–the platform. Our Internet campaigns will give you the best returns by far for your ad dollars.

The Importance of Links

You are often judged by the company you keep. And so is your web site. That’s because Search Engine (SE) algorithms place a lot of importance on the number and quality of cyberspace links that go back to your site.

And, just like in life, you can’t fake it. You can’t just pretend that your friends are important people. You can’t upgrade a friend’s CV so you can look good. And it’s the same with links. The links need to be from a credible, respected source.


That’s why organizing reciprocal links with just anybody is no longer effective. In fact, it can work against you. It can even result in a black mark for your site, if you link with a penalized source.

As we say to our clients, the quickest way to give your site gravitas with the SE’s is to have The New York Times link to you from their front page. But, that’s not easy to achieve. It’s like trying to get Bill Gates to have MSN say click here for a good programmer.

Think of inbound links as e-references for SE spiders. References that need be from sources that:

  • Have logical reasons for sending people to your site, and
  • Be from a source with good standing, or recognition, preferably in a related field.

Building Link Popularity for your Site

There really no secrets about creating a links strategy for your site that will work to improve your rankings. You just need to make sure the links are relevant and from a credible, active source. And because you probably can’t get the NYT to put your URL on page one, you need lots of them.

And our links bureau does exactly that better than anybody in the business. That’s why an automated links plan is an important part of our Search Engine Optimization strategy incorporated into “The Full Treatment.”