Making Dollars and Sense From Your Website

If you’re looking to build a web site—Big, Small, E-Commerce, any purpose what so ever—we’ll treat it like a military operation.

That’s true even if you are building a web site just to replace your Yellow Pages advertising. It’s also true if you want to totally convert your human to human sales and marketing operation, for a portfolio of products being shipped nationwide, to a full-scale e-commerce operation.

The same applies if we are creating a community service site or an online non-profit profile.

At Spotya we’ll treat every one of those applications with the same commitment and attention to detail. Because to you, our client, your online presence is your window to the world.

A Successful Web Site…

  • Is attractive to search engines
  • Has a total marketing strategy built into the site’s DNA, and
  • Inspires visitor responses to the prompts

That’s how we define success because that’s a site that will make you money.

We Create Successful Websites by:


Planning: This is when we fix the overall objectives of your web site. It’s when we identify and research your target demographic—make a visitor profile—so our marketing strategists and copy writers can develop a site map. A site map sets up the navigation and defines the layout so visitors can be easily directed through the sales cycle of your web site.

Analysis: After confirming domain name details our analysts employ the latest tools to make sure the technical construction of your site conforms to “best practice.” And we make sure the navigation matches your target audience. The sophistication of your potential visitor impacts how we present information and what we ask the visitor to do. We want to guarantee that every one of your visitor has a rewarding experience when at your site. And that means the navigation, the prompts–the sales cycle of your site—- must be as user friendly as possible.

Design: In this phase we try and get “inside your site visitor’s head.” This is the time when our marketing strategists and content writers craft page-sized portions of data from all the research. That helps us plot your visitor’s journey through the site. It enables us to insert appropriate links, prompts and navigation cues so your potential client can get more information. That helps the cachet of the site for visitors, just like the salesman in a bricks and mortar store does, when he goes out of his way to help a customer. It’s what makes your visitor confidently complete the contact us form, add your product to their shopping cart or come to your premises.

Implementation: Now our programmers get to do their stuff and convert all that information into code, into a computer language that is understandable by the World Wide Web, and connected computers everywhere. We won’t bore you with all the details. We will say however, that our skilled programmers build all we sites on the latest, the most powerful platforms offered in the industry.

Going Live: Sometimes known as the launch, this is when the rubber hits the road. It is when our marketing strategies kick in to drive prospects to the site while waiting for organic traffic levels to increase. The best way to do this is through a sponsored search campaign, or pay per click advertising. That’s when we becomes more than your web site builder. It’s when we become your complete online marketing solution. Click here for more details about how we’ll build you more than a great site: how we’ll use our skills to help your online presence show a positive return on your investment (ROI) from the first month.

Continuing Support: This is when we really shines. It’s when we really work with you so your site reaches its full potential. Click here to learn more about our ongoing programs that will see your site reach its full potential.